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3 years ago

Following the success of their 2018 edition, The Rise presents a sequel web series telling the story of the 2019 Partymaster Tour. Directed by Louis…

4 years ago

The Rise is proud to announce their upcoming web series documenting the 2018 Partymaster Tour. Directed by Louis Lhomel, the series follows 10 of the…

4 years ago

Not your regular trip to the Canaries, definitely more rad than your average all inclusive. As every winter, Jeremy Menduni headed to Spain and met…

4 years ago

The full video of The Partymaster Tour 2017 is now available. Featuring incredible riding from the whole The Rise team mixed with the sound of…

5 years ago

You kiss your mother with that mouth? It's all going down with much rowdiness and all the slopestyle and park you've ever wanted in this…

5 years ago

Taking the bike to the streets, heavy metal, fast paced s to The Rise's newest team member, JP Maffret. Today, The Rise is proud to…

6 years ago

An error doesn't become a mistake until you refuse to correct it - just remember those words the next time you're laying face down in…

6 years ago

The Rise make a pilgrimage to one of their childhood dream destinations with a trip to Woodward MTB Park and they damn nearly turned it…

6 years ago

One to watch for seemingly endless amounts of effortless style and flair, Aidan Horn takes his Partymaster (a fine name for a bike) on a…

6 years ago

What better way to spend your weekend than watching bros sending at The Brose Farm? Kick back with a can of your favourite sugary caffeine…

7 years ago

The Devil made me do it! What in sweet hell is going on over at The Rise? We're not sure but it makes for one…


The Rise is dedicated to Freestyle MTB. We produce exclusive videos and clothing.

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