By Root One Media

Alex Reveles is a local from Santa Cruz, CA and has been a part of the MTB scene for many years. About a year ago he moved to a new house with a bunch of property and immediately began to scope new trails and jumps to build. This past December Alex came to us and said he has been doing a ton of work at his new place and would be down to do some filming. We were super stoked on the idea and got together with him and helped dial in some lines to begin filming asap. Alex is one of those riders who’s a pleasure to work with from a filmer/photographer perspective. He has so much natural skill and unmistakable style that every shot is a banger. Root One Media is proud to release this new edit with Alex. We’ve put a lot into this project and are very happy with the results. We hope everyone enjoys!

Mon 30th Jan, 2012 @ 9:12 am

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