At a time when Enduro is going global, France -the birthplace of Enduro- is witnessing another birth, that of a young generation of uninhibited, talented riders. Turns out every mountain range in the country has its own rising star. Haut-Languedoc is no exception. Théo Galy has learned everything on the trails of Vieussan, a nice quiet corner in the south of France: he trained himself for Enduro by nature.

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Every corner, every stone and every edge is designed to train riders up to dominating the terrain. The images speak for themselves. Around here, people are uncompromising and attached to their area. Along with his ever-progessive riding, Théo also learned how garner more and more support. Establish a team. It is from the the well of members in this circle that I’ve drawn up what is certainly one of the most talented Enduro riders of his generation.

So even as Tribe 10,000 -the legend that gave rise to a whole discipline- celebrates its 10th anniversary, Théo has sported the Orange/Probikeshop colours on the podium with the most coveted riders of the year. 3rd in the 2011 French Enduro cup, 5th in the 2012 provisional : the result of meticulous work on every inch of the magical trail his area provides. The fruit of the values of sharing that surround his sport. Which makes him an Enduro rider by nature…

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Tue 10th Jul, 2012 @ 2:20 pm

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