Ever wanted to head to San Francisco and recreate the scenes of Steve McQueen launching his car in Bullitt? How about the urge to race some urban downhill? Well with the Red Bull Steep Crest you can combine them all together!

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The famously-steep De Haro Street in San Francisco played host to the 2014 Red Bull Steep Crest event, an all-out downhill race at the ultimate location for urban gravity sports. The competition included multiple disciplines –-fixed gear, BMX, mountain bike, skateboarding, and on longboard. The best of each discipline raced against each another in a bracket-style competition, with the fastest rider advancing to the next round.

Race Winners:
MTB: Graeme Pitts
BMX: Nick Valencia
Fixed Gear: Alex Gonzalez
Long Board: William Royce
Skate: Elijah Caleb William

Contest Winners:
Long Jump: Tanner Stephens, MTB
Best Trick: Jason Lopez, BMX
Longest Powerslide: Mikey Haderer, MTB

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Sun 23rd Nov, 2014 @ 3:30 pm

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