Issue 37

We are really pleased to announce that Issue 37 of IMB has gone live!

Check it out here:

We’ve packed the mag with some of the best images, stories and videos from around the world and we think it is one of the best issues we have ever put together! Inside you’ll find an in-depth look behind the brands of Saracen and Nukeproof as we ask them why they chose to resurrect a brand name rather than start-a-fresh, it’s a great insight that we know you will enjoy! Nigel Garrood gets sent on a blind date, we don’t know who to feel more sorry for, him or his new ‘partner’ as he samples the new Enduro2 format in the Alps. Nico Lau drops in to talk about his move from painting 4 wheeled vehicles in a factory to racing 2 wheeled ones as a pro mountain biker, plus we have lots more to keep you entertained, including Richard Kelly and his world famous technique section!

There is plenty more inside so be sure to click on the link and immerse yourself in a bit of mountain biking indulgence!


Tue 25th Aug, 2015 @ 10:28 am

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