As terrible as it is to watch someone having a potentially fatal accident it’s great to know that Angel Collinson is still alive and well after what looks like the kind of fall that would put an end to any mortal. And we thought some of the falls from Red Bull Rampage were bad! Miraculously Angel got straight back up and carried on. Watch out for the language at the end.

“Angel Collinson was skiing in a dark couloir in Alaska last spring when the snow suddenly took a turn for the worse and flipped her onto her back and straight into a steep, massive tumble. Being the badass that she is, Angel came out unscathed but the footage will leave you wondering how she escaped without injury.”

Despite having one of the most standout film performances of any female skier in history this past year, Angel had her share of challenges. Watch Angel as she breaks down this experience and talks about why things went wrong in her edition of ​Defend My Line, part of TGR’s Safety Week:

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Fri 22nd Jan, 2016 @ 8:30 pm

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