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HOT off the proverbial press is the new SRAM MTB Eagle 1X drivetrain in this bling black and gold colour scheme – surely the end of front mechs? Awesome styling aside, the new Eagle™ Technology claims improved longevity, a 20% increase in gear range and lower weights than previous drivetrains.

SRAM introduced the first ever, purpose built 1x drivetrain, and is the absolute leader in 1x technology and innovation. We have manufactured, tested and ridden hundreds of thousands of SRAM 1x™ drivetrains, and have capitalized on the lessons learned from our experience to create all new drivetrains with Eagle™ Technology. Eagle™ drivetrains provide unparalleled performance, enhanced toughness and durability, and the freedom of a 500 percent gear range.


Eagle™ Technology is SRAM’s most advanced and highest-performing drivetrain to date

In 2012, we introduced the world’s first purpose built 1x drivetrain — and it forever changed the way we ride. SRAM 1x™ changed the way we look at mountain bikes. Gone was the front derailleur, which immediately improved shifting simplicity and performance. It dropped a significant chunk of weight from the bike. It made shifting easier and consistently better for racers hitting the redline and new riders alike. It made mountain biking better for everyone. And it still does. We invented it, we build more 1x drivetrains than anyone else, and we are unrelenting in our commitment to furthering 1x technology.


The new design offers increased wear life, toughness, precision, smoothness and silence

Introducing SRAM Eagle™ Technology, our most advanced and highest-performing drivetrains to date. The new XX1 and X01 drivetrains, featuring Eagle™ Technology, are collections of components that have been engineered for a whole new level of ride quality and integration. These drivetrains have not only been refined, we have torn them apart, built them up, tested, tweaked, engineered and tested again. Eagle™ Technology delivers a drivetrain that is smoother, simpler, more durable and quieter than anything you’ve ever ridden. Add to that Eagle’s massive gear range, and you have greater freedom to ride how you want, where you want. Performance, durability, simplicity, range, freedom: Introducing Eagle™, only from SRAM.


The 10 to 50-tooth, 12-speed, Eagle™ cassette allows a 20% increase in gear range over previous SRAM offerings

X01 Eagle™

Fearless. The X01 Eagle™ drivetrain signals an exciting new era of freedom and the next level of uncompromising performance for enduro racers and aggressive trail riders. Watching the world’s best racers use our parts to battle against nature, physics and time itself, has inspired us to supply them with the most advanced tools we can develop. X01 Eagle™ takes everything you love about our pioneering 1x drivetrains and increases its wear life, toughness, precision, smooth and silent operation. Add to that the 10- to 50-tooth, 12-speed, Eagle™ cassette, and you have a range of gears that gives you the freedom to enjoy the benefit of 1x in any terrain, any location and at any speed. X01 Eagle™ is drivetrain freedom—how you exploit it is up to you.


Eagle™ weighs up to 300 grams less than 2x drivetrains with similar gear range

X01 Eagle™ Chain

Silence. It might look normal from the outside, but the engineering inside this incredible new chain design that makes possible a gear range previously found only in 2-chainring drivetrains. And it’s also the biggest contributor to the Eagle™ drivetrain’s ultra-smooth, precise, durable and quiet performance. The Eagle™ chain’s links have a smooth radius, with no sharp edges or chamfers, which yield a significant reduction in noise, friction and wear on chainrings and cassette cogs. This design also allows for a flatter plate, which means more consistent chain riveting and greater overall strength. HARD CHROME™ technology extends the chain’s optimal performance life, and a Titanium Nitride coating on the Gold and Black models decreases corrosion and further reduces friction.


Eagle™ is available in rapid fire or twist grip variants

Things To Remember

  • Eagle™ represents our newest 1x drivetrain technologies
  • Eagle™ is a lighter, tougher, quieter, more durable and more precise
  • Eagle™ features all-new 1x components, engineered for even greater durability and performance
  • Eagle™ has a significant weight advantage over other drivetrains—XX1
  • Eagle™ weighs up to 300 grams less than 2x drivetrains with similar gear range
  • Eagle™ technology allows an expanded, optimum, 500-percent gear range—a 20-percent increase over our other 1x drivetrains

Features And Benefits

  • Groundbreaking new chain design and technology
  • The Eagle™ chain has been completely re-engineered, and is produced with new manufacturing technology.
  • All-new Eagle™ PowerLock® chain connector with FLOW LINK™ technology provides better chain-guiding and increased longevity.
  • The PC-1290 Eagle™ chain is the quietest, strongest and most wear-resistant chain in the world
  • Unique features and design also provide significantly improved wear resistance on Eagle™ cassettes and rings

Fri 25th Mar, 2016 @ 6:30 pm

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