This one’s a bit like marmite and we are split down the middle here in the office as we can’t quite decide if we love it or hate it… Fabio Wibmer has the skills to pay the bills and he’s got more manuals than a TV factory in this edit. The POV angle is whats got us divided though, half the office loves it, the other half fell asleep halfway through, what do you think?

“Alright guys so this is my first video of a series called “Rawisode”. It’s basically just a series where I cut raw clips together of me riding somewhere. Most of them will be POV clips. So it’s like you hear and see the same things as I do while I’m riding. I think it’s a cool way to give you guys more content and if you enjoyed this I’ll definitely make more of these in the future.

In this Rawisode I’m in Hamburg, Germany and I just had an hour to film this 😉
It would be super nice if you could let me know what you think of this Rawisode and of the idea. (No worries, I will keep on making edits 😉 )” – Fabio Wibmer

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Fri 4th Mar, 2016 @ 9:30 am

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