Contender for The Most Awesome Bike Paint Job Ever award! This stunning creation is the work of Elite Refinish, Belfast, who created this monstertruck-inspired piece of MTB art for all-round bike wizard, Sam Hill. Inspired by Sam’s son’s love of the four-wheeled behemoth Grave Digger it was decided to kit Mr Hill out with this sweet ride:

Vintage Western Gold whiskey, Sam’s “Apple Jacks” cocktail and the stunning views of Dolceaqua, Italy were the backdrop for this projects gestation.

After a day riding some of Italy’s finest trails, Sam was explaining how his eldest son had found a new obsession- Grave Digger. Grave Digger is the world famous Monster truck conceived in 1982 by Dennis Anderson.

Bam, following in his dad’s love for all things Green and Purple (If you look at Sam’s Leatt helmet earlier this year it was custom painted in black, green and purple.), had discovered the truck and was quickly obsessed with it and his model of Grave Digger. Sam had recently taken Bam to meet the real life truck at a Monster Truck meet in his native city of Perth.

With Sam killing it in his last two Enduro World Series Rounds (Wicklow and La Thuile), alongside his downhill day job, we thought it was appropriate to do something a little special as a surprise present. This is the text message received from Sam shortly after getting the frame:

“******g legends – this is by far the coolest bike I’ve ever had. Thanks so much, I’m pumped on it!”

–  Sam Hill

Special thanks to Elite Refinish, Belfast, for turning this project around in a short timescale, Sam only decided to go to this EWS after La Thuile! (the frame has over 60 hours of steady-handed airbrushing detail in the frame.)

Thu 25th Aug, 2016 @ 6:30 pm

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