Get some chilled pump track action in your Saturday with The Trail Next Door’s newest team member, Doug Sharpe, mixing it up on his handmade dirt humps in Running River, Beijing. What an awesome way to spend an afternoon!

“Our team is getting bigger! We’re so happy to introduce to you the new rider on The Trail Next Door. Hailing from Canada, this guy is one crazy dude who’ll try just about anything and we’ll have some of his epic videos coming out soon. Here’s a little more about him:

Name – Doug Sharpe
Discipline – Freeride/Slope Style/Dirt Jump
Experience – 13 years
Bike of Choice – Norco Rampage (2015)
Current Location – Unknown

“Also known as “The Destroyer” due to his ability to decimate every component on his bike. Doug has a raw, aggressive & loose riding style, just making it through many of the ridiculous lines he chooses to ride. In Doug’s mind, anything & everything can be ridden which either ends in disaster or a satisfied “I told you it was possible” dance at the end of it.

“The Trail Next Door is an adventure lifestyle series following a team of mountain bikers who explore undiscovered trails around the hills close to major metropolitan cities.

“Doug starts off our new “City Limits” series in China, riding though a dirt jump park that he designed and setup. It’s a pretty fun episode with a some really cool riding and a sick track to back it all up.”

Sat 1st Oct, 2016 @ 3:30 pm

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