Downtime is a new fortnightly podcast, dedicated to the detail of elite downhill and enduro mountain biking. The podcast is presented by Chris Hall, your friendly average mountain biker! In the latest episode he talks to DH and enduro legend, Tracy Moseley. Easily worth a listen and a subscribe!

I recently saw amazing benefits from some focused strength and conditioning work, a little skills training, and a few volume spacers added to my forks. The improvement I felt, not only in my raw speed, but in my enjoyment of riding, was something I really wanted to pass on to others.

So in a New Years Eve conversation over a few beers with Cy from Cotic, and John from O’Neal, the idea for the podcast was born.

The Downtime Podcast delves into the detail of the sport, and aims to give an insight into how people at the top level do what they do. I will be speaking to athletes, trainers, mechanics, and many others from the global mountain bike community, in 30-45 minute episodes. We will be finding out about how they approach their riding, training, nutrition, bike set-up etc, in order to give you some things you can try to help improve your own riding.

Our first six episodes are available right now, either from our website, or on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play or TuneIn Radio.

Episode six features multiple time world champion, Tracy Moseley. We talk about her transition from downhill to enduro, the detail of some of her training sessions, how she approaches an Enduro World Series weekend, and much much more.

Earlier episodes have featured Chris Kilmurray, trainer to many of the top downhill and enduro racers; Neko Mulally; Justin Leov; enduro privateer Bex Baraona and John Hall, mechanic for Aaron Gwin.

We really hope you enjoy these episodes, please let us know what you think by commenting on our social media, giving us an iTunes review, or emailing us on We’ve got some great guests coming up, so follow us on social media to be the first to find out when new episodes are released. Instagram @downtimepodcast

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