The future of bike materials? A bike with a frame lighter than one made of titanium, more comfortable, less fragile than carbon, and last but not least recyclable! Can you believe that?

Genesis for this project is going back on an idea Aviatube company had around the transfer of aeronautical technology providing quality, robustness, lightness to other industries.

The bike frame is built with tubes in Aviatium aluminum alloy processed by Aviatube and assembled by means of sleeves, which the Poly-Shape company is 3D printing out of Scalmalloy powder. Those are the innovations of this bike by Caminade, a French bike company, aiming to challenge current high-end bikes in carbon, titanium or steel.

Aviatium tubes are made from high mechanical performance aluminum alloy developed by Aviatube Company, near Nantes, specialising in tubes manufacturing for aeronautics and high demanding applications. Those tubes can be manufactured in a large range of diameters and thicknesses thanks to Aviatube unique and patented production process. Backed by numeric simulation, the company is proposing as next to further improve lightness with tube section of variable thickness.

The retaining sleeves have been designed by Caminade and then 3D printed by Poly-Shape, using a Scalmalloy powder (out of Aluminum, Magnesium and Scandium) which Air Bus has patented for 3D metallic printing. Poly-Shape High performance 3D printers enabled sleeves production in an optimal timing

The bike frame was designed and produced by the French company Caminade in its workshop near Perpignan
This bike born through the partnership of three companies, is a vector of innovations which open new paths not only for bikes production but also for industries where lightness, robustness, and recycling are priorities.


The company performs development and manufacturing of high-end bikes in France while mixing craftmanship, high quality level, plus manufacturing and technological innovations


Is a stand-alone company specialized in technical solutions around high performance aluminum alloys tubes and profiles produced with a specific extrusion process and drawing processes. Its business sectors reach from aeronautics to industry, defense, over sport & leisure and other searching for performance.


Poly-Shape (part of UPPERSIDE Group) is an innovative company in the field of Additive Manufacturing and a European leader in metal Additive Manufacturing. Poly-Shape is organized to meet the most demanding clients’ needs for different fields: aerospace, aeronautics, energy, motorsports…

Tue 20th Jun, 2017 @ 3:30 am

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