Are you convinced by the oval chainring, is it another fad to get you to part with your hard-earned, or a genuine game-changer that will mean the difference between success and failure? The SRAM Eagle compatible X-Sync 2 Oval is next up on the list in the battle of round versus oval…

The Eagle™ Advantage — Ovalized

Since day one, SRAM has been dedicated to providing riders with component options that fit their own individual riding style. It’s undeniable that some riders’ pedaling styles benefit from oval chainrings, so we’ve engineered the new X-SYNC™ 2 Oval chainrings to give them the advantage they want. They are the only oval option available with our genuine X-SYNC™ 2 teeth profile, so they are the only oval chainrings on the market that are 100-percent optimized forEagle™.

MSRP PRICE: $119 | €126 | £107

Retail availability: Now

Mon 3rd Jul, 2017 @ 9:30 pm

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