Never struggle to inflate your tubeless tyres again! That’s got to be worth something, right? No need for a compressor here, you just need milKit…

Previously, milKit, the young Swiss cycling brand, introduced a valve system that simplifies the handling and maintenance of tubeless tires. For their next product innovation, milKit have created the Booster, which eliminates the need for an air compressor when seating tubeless tires.

“Many tubeless users and bike mechanics approached us and said that they loved the milKit valve system, and asked if we couldn’t also find an easy solution to the one problem remaining with tubeless tires: inflating them without having to use a compressor,” says Pius Kobler, co-founder and CTO at milKit. “This inspired us to develop the Booster.”

Many cyclists hesitate to go tubeless because of the more difficult installation of tubeless tires. Depending on the rim and tire combination, inflation with a normal floor pump can be impossible, as the air escapes between the tire and the rim. Professional mechanics typically have a compressor at hand to provide the necessary boost of air to seat tubeless tires on the rim, but for consumers, a compressor is a big expense.

To solve the question of how to compress and deliver air to a tubeless tire using commonly available materials and fittings, milKit’s designers looked to standard aluminum drinking bottles, which are ideal pressure-storing devices that are also lightweight, robust and inexpensive. Combined with well designed valve and fitting designs, the aluminum bottle makes the basis of the Booster system, which works as simply as this: Inflate the booster with your bike pump, remove valve core from your tubeless valves, push the booster on the valve stem. It’s that simple. There are no hoses or additional valves to reduce air flow, making inflating tubeless tires with the milKit booster more efficient than with any known existing solution.

The milKit booster is very lightweight and therefore an ideal companion to bring along on the ride – and with the included line and bite valve you can turn the booster into a handy drinking system.

This simple solution is now available at

Tue 10th Oct, 2017 @ 6:30 pm

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