A great success for BMC Switzerland: the groundbreaking Trailsync technology of the BMC Speedfox has been honored with the Gold Winner Award of the world’s largest trade show for sporting goods ISPO Munich. The outstanding product innovation prevailed over many other products and convinced the jury. The Speedfox is aimed at all-round trail riders, adventurers and explorers of the mountain biking world. Trailsync enables them to operate the dropper seat post and the suspension at the same time and with just one flick of a lever.

Gold Winner in the Category Wheelers

Every year, ISPO, the world’s largest international multi-segment exibition for the sports industry, honors the most exceptional sporting goods with the ISPO Awards. The winners of the ISPO Awards, which have established as a seal of quality for the sporting goods industry, are announced at the international trade show in Munich, Germany. This year, the jury has honored the BMC Speedfox 01 Trailsync technology with the ISPO Gold Winner Award 2018 in the Segment Outdoor in the Category Wheelers. David Zurcher, CEO of BMC Switzerland, is very pleased with this success but he also knows that the award is the result of years of research and constant development: “BMC Switzerland has always been at the forefront of Mountainbike Technology, delivering some of the best off road bikes around. This award is a huge honor for us and a confirmation of our priniciple to contstantly push the innovative bounderies in cycling.”

Trailsync Technology for Intuitive Riding

In 2017 BMC revealed ‘Trailsync’, the unique technology of the Speedfox. Trailsync eliminates tedious manual adjustments riders usually have to make to be in the right set-up for the trail. A simple flick of a remote lever on the handlebar synchronizes the adjustment of the dropper seat post height with that of the suspension platform, so riders can focus their attention on the trail without a break in flow or speed. Trailsync ensures riders are always in the optimum suspension tune in the correct saddle position – going beyond the benefits of a standard dropper by integrating automatic suspension adjustment. Pierre-Oliver Bédard, member of the ISPO Award Jury, stated: “With Trailsync, dropper post and suspension can be synchronized for upill or downhill with a single lever. The operation is entirely intuitive and the bike looks tidier!”

The Rider and The Trail in Sync

Trail riding is ultimately about having fun in the great outdoors with friends in beautiful settings that put a grin on your face. All-round trail riders love the thrill of speeding downhill, yet still need a bike that will take them efficiently to the trail head. The Speedfox balances these two opposing needs excellently as BMC has engineered it to be light, sturdy, and capable of adventure, yet still eager for all-out speed. A premium frame, with state-of-the-art geometry and low standover height, it delivers excellent maneuverability around challenging features as well as possessing confident, straight-line stability for both the uphill and the downhill.

Wed 21st Feb, 2018 @ 12:30 am

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