A closer look at THAT new drivetrain concept shown recently at Eurobike. It may be early days but could we see this making the leap onto a mountain bike in the near future? With fewer moving parts to go wrong and get smashed, and with (claimed) efficiency levels off the chart, this could be the way to go…

“Aiming for a practical 99% efficient drive train is the goal of Project CeramicSpeed DrivEn. This is one of the most talked about products here at Eurobike 2018. Thanks to DCRainmaker for calling me over and holding the camera as I checked out this amazing concept…. which has a little way to go… but is really amazing to see in person.”

Quick Facts:

– No chain, derailleur, or jocky wheels.
– Claimed 49% less friction than Dura-Ace drivetrain.
– Claimed 32% less friction than CeramicSpeed UFO chain with oversized pulleys
– Certified eye-opener when you see it in person. 🙂

Sat 21st Jul, 2018 @ 9:30 am

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