Finally finished! After one year of work and many tests and optimization we are very proud to present our new Enduro Bike named G1. The completely new designed frame is modular and can be mounted with 27,5 or 29 inch wheels. The adjustment is done by the headset and different screw-in elements, which we call mutators. The round tubes made of high-strength 7020 aluminium underline the puristic appearance. The thicker down tube paired with a lower top tube provides an aggressive look and more legroom. Today we achieve more safety, traction and speed in all situations thanks to the GEOMETRON geometry. With the new EXT damper the suspension reaches a new dimension.

All in all, the bike has an unrivalled and incomparably good riding performance.

EXT Shock

The new Nicolai G1 and its suspension is the result of co-operation between the manufacturer NICOLAI and two other European specialists, EXTREME Racing Shox and GeoMetron bikes…

Italian company EXT are known worldwide in professional racing and motorsports for their high performance suspension ( and our friend and partner Chris Porter (www. is recognised for creating and being at the forefront of the current trends in geometry and kinematics.

Behind locked doors these two companies have worked together for over a year to produce a completely bespoke shock absorber and suspension system for the new Nicolai G1. We think that if you want to own the best mtb enduro suspension in the world you should be buying this new bike, the result of our unique collaboration.

Thanks to the increased length versus travel (230×65) in the new metric standard shock there is room for several new technologies which help to give the softest of initial touch (small bump sensitivity), a dynamic ride feel and an un-paralleled feedback when the bike is loaded hard. Spherical bearings in the shock eyelets (seen in all other performance off-road suspension applications) have improved the bump feel and grip in all situations because of the reduced side loading on the shock. A negative spring and hydraulic top out system not only enables that all-important soft, initial touch but also allows the rebound to be as dynamic as the rider wants or needs it to be. A hydraulic bottom out system absorbs some of the excess energy normally transferred back to the bike and rider at the limit of their capabilities.

With carefully thought out leverage ratios and damping rates we can accommodate riders of all weights without compromise. A medium sized rider (85kgs) on a medium G1 will be using a 375-425 spring depending on configuration and a XXL rider of 125kgs will be between 550 and 600lbs.


“We don’t care about trends! All that matters is lap times, driving pleasure, safety and the physical facts.” This quote is our approach to the development of new mountain bikes. This mission statement has made us one of the most innovative bicycle companies in terms of chassis performance, steering dynamics and geometry.

GEOMETRON is the geometry concept on which all current Nicolai models are based. In the last 4 years GEOLUTION was developed by Chris Porter and NICOLAI The concept is based on the realization that a longer wheelbase, a flatter steering angle and a steeper seat angle make the bike faster, smoother, more climbing and safer.

The geometric relationship between wheels, steering angle, and weight distribution between wheels are the decisive factors for good handling. The relationship between saddle, crank and rear wheel axle are the decisive factors for a good climbing behaviour of a bike. The GEOMETRON concept combines perfect handling with optimum climbing behaviour. The rider is integrated into the bike through the long reach, the steep seat angle and the long wheelbase, so that the centre of gravity lies optimally between front and rear wheel axle.

All GEOMETRON models are driven with short stems, so that the driver has a relaxed, sporty sitting position despite the long top tube.

The very complex topic can be simplified down to 4 advantages which offers both professionals and beginners a clear added value:

  • Best climbing ability (front does not rise)
  • No feeling of rollover downhill
  • The rider sits and stands integrated in the wheel (more control)
  • Higher cornering speed (more grip on the front wheel)

These advantages are clearly noticeable not only for the professional, but also for the beginner. We build our bikes because we want to ride them the same way.

Pressure Strut Mutator

We can fine-tune the bottom bracket height and the steering head angle with the help of the so-called compression-strut-mutator. The mutators are available in lengths of 3.5, 6.5, 10, 12 and 15mm. This new technology enables us to realize different strut lengths. The added value for the customer is explained as follows: Different wheel sizes can be mounted on a single G1 frame. We can also produce different rear wheel lengths on different frame sizes. This allows us to take full advantage of our GEOLUTION technology. The compression struts mutators are installed ex works in the correct length depending on the frame size and wheel size. Changes should only be made by a specialist.


The MUTATOR is a newly developed component on the rear swing arm, which combines many functions in a single component:

The mutators are available in different lengths (33, 41 und 47mm). In this way, only by replacing a mutator can the length of the swingarm “grow with” the frame height according to the GEOMETRON concept. The inner and outer mutator shell is positively connected to the swing arm via a wedge-shaped rectangular structure. This completely prevents twisting or play. The mutator components are both seal carrier and bearing axis. This minimizes the number of components and thus also the number of error sources.

G1 Shock Level

Another completely new development is the G1 suspension lever, which allows two different travel by moving the damper. Built into the upper hole, the bike offers 162 mm travel at the rear. 175mm travel occurs when the damper is placed in the lower hole. As in aircraft engineering, all Nicolai components are CNC machined from a high-strength aluminum block to achieve maximum strength and minimum weight.

7020-T6 Aluminium

Aluminium is not Aluminium! We at Nicolai exclusively use the alloy 7020-T6 (AlZn4,5Mg1) for our frames. Compared to our competitors, who mostly use aluminium 6061-T6, this grade has much better strength values. Here is a table for all Tech-Nerds:

The tensile strength of 7020 compared to 6061 aluminium is about one third higher. The elasticity is about one fifth higher. These properties, coupled with high quality welding, result in a bicycle frame that is far superior to the average in terms of durability. In comparison to carbon, aluminium is much more robust and tough, so that bottom contact, falls or stone impacts cannot harm the structure.

We could also tell you more about the bearings setup on the bikes, the optimized wire routing, our manufacturing quality “Made in Germany“, the 5 year warranty, the possibility of individual color selection or about the 10 year spare part availability, but that would go beyond the scope here.

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