It might seem strange that a company built on developing full suspension bikes has launched a gravel bike but Knolly has always done things differently and sometimes it is good to do the unexpected. Stick a suspension fork on it or go for a straight-out adventure/touring build, this is another bike that’ll broaden your horizons and give you another reason to get out the door and ride…

The Knolly crew have been riding for a long time and through our time in the saddle and personal careers one thing has always been constant, we are happiest when we are on two wheels. So with an entire lineup of new full suspension models designed and heading into the production phase, we focused on a new type of Knolly, one that we wanted to build just for the hell of it (and a sign of things to come).

OK, let’s be honest, we wanted to add a bike to our personal quiver. But that’s the best part of being a bike company isn’t it? We build cool stuff and ride it. And when we have something new to bring to market, we get excited!

Versatility defines the Knolly Cache. Ready for anything – built for everything.

Thu 6th Jun, 2019 @ 6:30 pm

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