Propain have just updated their already incredible kids mountain bike lineup – for those mini-shredders out there these bikes have to be right up there for the best bikes available for the young inspiring mtb’ers out there! Here’s the 3 updated bikes available:

Propain Yuma – Gravity Beginner Bike in 24″- 26″

As frequently requested, the colours of the decal kit are now customizable. There are four colors to choose from. “Vee Tire Co”, the tire partner of our Worldcup-Team, developed a special MTB tire for kids bikes.

Needless to say that we put these brand new tires on the bike. Furthermore, the Yuma is now equipped with the new “Guide T” brake from SRAM. As already known from the previous models the Yuma bike allows the usage of 24” and 26” wheels.

After a few years the Yuma can be converted from 24″ to 26″ wheels with our unique “grown-up”-kit. The Yuma is tailored to the needs of riders from a height of 1.35m and the associated low body weight.

RRP: 1799,00 €

Propain Frechdax – Kidsfully for Mini-Shredders in 20″

The new Frechdax is equipped with the unique kids specific fork from “1st Ride” with a carbon-reinforced casting, an adapted air-chamber and a negative spring. The fork is extra light and ideally tuned for the rider weights of 6-9 year olds. The rear shock from RockShox is delivered with the right tuning for low rider weight ex works.

As all Kids and Youth bikes the Frechdax is also offered with the newly developed tires from “Vee Tire Co”. With 20″ wheels, 90mm of suspension travel and a shift- and brake system from SRAM, the Frechdax offers maximum riding fun for all kids between 1,10m and 1,40m height and up to 40kg weight.

RRP: 1.399,00 €

Propain Dreckspatz – Light Hardtail in 20″

In 2017, in addition to the full suspension Frechdax, the “Dreckspatz” hardtail was added to the range of high-end children’s mountainbikes as a cheaper and lighter alternative.

The Dreckspatz is now available with an optional rigid fork or with the proven “1st Ride” carbon children suspension fork. Traction is provided by the new tires from “Vee Tire Co” and SRAM delivers the shift- and brake system.

What else is new for 2020? The Frechdax and the Dreckspatz come in the team-color of our Worldcup-Team, “badmint”!  The frame can further be customized with several decal options.

  • Dreckspatz with 1st Ride carbon-suspension: RRP 999,00 €
  • Dreckspatz with rigid fork: RRP: 749,00 €

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Sat 10th Aug, 2019 @ 3:30 pm

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