Red Bull athlete Fabio Wibmer follows his own laws. In Fabiolous Escape 2, the Austrian mountain and trials bike star already proved that he is the one to define his limits. In Wibmer’s Law, the East Tirolean rider now appears to be immune to the hustle and the chaos of living in a big city. As soon as Fabio gets on his bike, he enters his very own world:

Life in the big city has its pros and cons – whoever has been in one knows the phenomenon all too well: a work life hastened to the maximum and a society in which everyone lacks the necessary time of his own. Fabio Wibmer has a different point of view! Turning Innsbruck, Salzburg, Vienna and Linz into his personal playground is not the easiest, but the 24-year-old rider overcomes ordinary and risky situations with his usual coolness. He escapes a looming accident by bunny hopping over a car door and slickly dives below a suddenly appearing sofa. Even a dropping piano is no match for the trials bike pro. Fabio takes plenty of shortcuts over the city roofs and no gap – however great it may be – can stop him. With handlebar rides, a frontflip through a construction site, some mighty drops and a double backflip on a step-down Fabio finds his way through the maze of streets. This way leads the East Tirolean further and further out of the city until his inner calmness becomes one with the more quiet and harmonic landscape. Using his trials bike, Fabio makes it out of the city to enjoy the sunset in nature, far away from the nervous big city life.

“I realized that the world keeps spinning faster and especially in big cities the life of society has become a real hectic and stressful one. That’s how it is for me as well. When I get on my bike though, I am able to escape this chaos for a while. I am able to take a breath and calm down. That’s the message I want to spread. Hopefully the audience feels the same way.”

Regarding the production of the clip Fabio explains: “The shooting of Wibmer’s Law definitely was the most challenging production I have done so far. Some of the takes took us countless attempts, some of them even several hundreds. In the final edit, of course, you don’t see any of these struggles.”

Maybe not in the final edit, but definitely check out the almost 48 minutes long “Behind the Scenes” video, that is exclusively available on Red Bull TV, to see just how much work goes into producing a video of this caliber:

All in all, the production of Wibmer’s Law took just over a year. The crew will most likely remember the most nerve-racking sequences: the back-wheel hops on the bicycle stands and the businessman scene right at the beginning of the clip, which took over 300 to 500 attempts. The video was shot using lightweight equipment. The main camera was a GH5S on a Glidecam, supported by two A7IIIs, several GoPros, a drone and a race drone.

Tue 17th Sep, 2019 @ 3:30 pm

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