Own an e-bike and want to get away on holiday with it and ride with like-minded riders in incredible places? Read on!

International mountain bike travel specialists H+I Adventures has announced the launch of a brand new range of e-mountain bike specific adventures in Europe and Africa.

Having recognised early on that e-mountain biking is markedly different from traditional mountain biking, they wanted to take time to learn as much as they could about e-mountain bikes, E-MTB riders and travelling with E-MTB to develop new guided tours specially created with the particular needs of e-mountain bikes in mind.

“Even within the E-MTB industry there are vast differences in technology and applications, so it made perfect sense to us to focus on this new wave of mountain biking and treat it as its own entity, rather than simply offering riders the chance to ride an E-MTB on our existing mountain bike tours. We’ve had an increasing number of requests over the past couple of years from riders wanting to have an e-bike on our tours, but mixing normal bikes and e-mountain bikes in a group tour of eight to twelve days has never made sense to us, and we wanted to take time to do it properly. For us, something as complex and as popular with riders as E-MTB deserved special attention,” said Euan Wilson, H+I Adventures CEO.

Whilst the take up of e-mountain biking has been exploding in recent years, travelling with an E-MTB is still a novelty, particularly with airline restrictions on battery transportation. As such, H+I Adventures has ensured that there’s a fleet of high quality e-mountain bikes to rent in each of their destinations, so you don’t need to worry about travelling with your own bike.

To kick off their E-MTB portfolio, H+I has launched straight into a spread of European locations including Switzerland, Slovenia, Croatia and Spain, and a unique e-mountain biking safari in Namibia, Africa.

With prices ranging from £1950 for an 8 day trip in Spain to £3400 for a 12 day E-MTB safari in Namibia, there is something for every pocket. Visit http://www.mountainbikeworldwide.com for more info

Mon 4th Nov, 2019 @ 3:30 am

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