Nate Hills heads over to Sedona to ride some of the areas gnarliest and techiest trails out there, not to mention to try out his new drone too!

Happy New Year to everyone! Peace out, 2019. New year, new toys, new lines. In honor of 2020, I wanted to try something new with FollowCamFriday and get some feedback from you, my audience. Let me know what you guys think in the comments. I don’t want to change my formula too much, but I think this will definitely add another dimension to my videos, when used responsibly in the right setting. Sedona seemed like the perfect location and Lars Romig was the perfect stunt-man for the job.

Skydio was kind enough to let me beta-test their new drone, as it basically fits well with my current filming style.This video is not sponsored, and I actually put my name on the waiting list a couple of months ago to purchase one. My unit should be arriving any day now. Very excite!

It is also worth noting that Lars and I rode a new section above the traditional “White Line”, that has been done to death. Keeping it fresh in 2020.

Technology is amazing, I never imagined that this sort of thing would be possible. Autonomous drones…. Now I have seen everything. This thing has obstacle avoidance, is operated with gps or through visual-lock on the phone app, or with a normal remote. The tracking feature works amazingly well. The sky’s the limit… See what I did there?


Sat 4th Jan, 2020 @ 12:30 am

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