The Craigieburn Forest Park has many trails, follow 3 friends over the highest line in the park, and around a circuit in the heart of the Craigieburn Range. This is backcountry bikepacking to the extreme.


Off trail riding on alpine scree comes at the risk to the habitat of rare native geckos. Please consider this when trip planning. Is the environment pristine or is it a historical tramping/hiking route and likely a beaten path. Do your research to find out if bikes are allowed in the area.

This route is very difficult and involves more hiking than biking. Do not attempt this route unless you have experience in the NZ mountains and with a bluebird weather forecast. Carry a PLB or Satellite messenger and a first aid kit (and know how to use them).

Be safe out there and consider Papatuanuku (mother Earth) when Recreating.

Mon 10th Feb, 2020 @ 9:30 am

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