From Hope:

“The HB.130 is the second bike to come from our Barnoldswick Factory and October 2020 sees the launch of a number revisions to the spec and models of the bike. In the first year of production Hope have made and sold over 250 HB.130, not big numbers by any means, but for a handcrafted machine made in the UK, it’s impressive.

The 2021 Bikes: The best ever spec’d HB.130’s. With new Suspension from Fox, DMR Deathgrips and fresh drive train from SRAM, Hope have kept the 140/130mm travel, 29 wheels and modern trail geo too. This is a Hope bike of course, so you’ll find a full complement of Hope components in the mix as well.

…And what the Film is all about: The HB.130 FR – A true Factory Racing replica. It’s long been a goal of Hope to move into painted frames and over the last year the company has invested in the staff and facilities to make that dream a reality. Each frame is obsessed over by the in-house paint tech Bailey. He is responsible for all the painted frames and his attention to detail is amazing, guaranteeing each frame comes out the booth looking stunning.

The FR is built to the same spec as the bikes ridden by our factory race team and features an Ohlins M2 fork and a TTX Coil shock. The FR replica is available in limited quantities due to the time it takes to produce each one.

Film by Gee Milner”

Wed 14th Oct, 2020 @ 12:30 am

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