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GO3 Camera by Insta360

How’s about this, telemetry data for the masses (or more specificially, those with a new Mondraker with a MIND…). This is certainly one way of dialling your suspension in on your new bike, watch the video for more info!

The latest technological innovation from Mondraker is ground breaking and game changing!

Mondraker bikes to come with an integrated telemetry system as standard equipment facilitating perfect suspension set-up and much more!

MIND is a combination of lightweight integrated telemetry sensors built into the suspension on the 2021 Foxy Carbon and 2021 Crafty Carbon models which allows you to set your fork and shock up perfectly.

The system comes complete with GPS and SIM card connectivity, as well as Bluetooth to connect it to the myMondraker app available for your smartphone (free of charge for both Android and iOS). This allows you to record a huge amount of data about suspension travel and performance and thus achieve a perfect set up, easily and reliably, based on real data and not guesswork.

Learn more about what MIND can do for you ️ https://mondraker.com/es/en/mind

Tue 9th Feb, 2021 @ 6:30 pm

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