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Missed out on getting a place for the 2021 Mondraker Enduro Team event in Davos, Switzerland? Then fear not as you have an opportunity to score yourself a free entry to this sold-out event! More details below:

The event was completely sold out within just four days: For the next edition of MONDRAKER ENDURO TEAM, the established team enduro fun race for experienced mountain bikers in Davos Klosters, Switzerland, which will already take place for the fifth time from 2 to 4 September 2021, it is only possible to register for the waiting list since the beginning of December 2020. That the 450 entries were gone so quickly also surprised the organisers. That is why they are now giving away a starting place each for a team of two and a FUN TEAM of 3 to 6 people.

“It was absolutely crazy”, organiser Britta Wild says, still shaking her head. “Only three days after we opened registration, the FUN TEAM category was already fully booked, and one day later all the starting places for teams of two were gone too!”

Win a Starting Place each for a Team of Two and for a FUN TEAM

The organisers definitely didn’t expect all the starting places to be sold so quickly! “To thank you for your loyalty, we would therefore like to give everyone from our community another chance by raffling off one free entry for a team of two and one for a FUN TEAM via our website”, Britta Wild explains the campaign. You can simply participate via e-mail, so the draw should be open to everyone: “We want a photo of you mountain biking – and above all a good reason why you are exactly the one who should win the starting place”, Britta Wild sums up. The competition runs until 28 February 2021. Details and how to enter can be found at https://enduro-team.ch/en/zwei-startplaetze-fuer-ausverkauftes-mondraker-enduro-team-2021-zu-gewinnen/

Last Chance: Waiting List and Training Weekends

Those who did not get a starting place in time and are not among the draw winners still have one last chance by entering the waiting list. Although a large number of teams is already on there, the last few years have shown that there are always some riders who have to cancel due to injuries, family planning or changes in their job. If you don’t want to give up hope, you can register for the waiting list here: http://www.enduro-team.ch/en 

In addition, various MONDRAKER ENDURO TEAM training weekends will be organised again this summer in cooperation with the Bike Academy Davos. These are not only open to the event participants, but also to anyone who is interested, giving everyone who hasn’t got a starting place for the race the opportunity to get to know the fantastic trails around Davos Klosters and to explore the area on the bike. Details and dates will be published on all MONDRAKER ENDURO TEAM channels in spring.

The best trails in best company

At MONDRAKER ENDURO TEAM, the riders cover a total of some 120 kilometres in three days, ride almost 1500 metres uphill and some 12,000 metres downhill. As in a common Enduro race, MONDRAKER ENDURO TEAM also runs several stages per day, i.e. measured sections. These mainly lead downhill and last a few minutes each. Between these descents, the participants cover various transfer stages without time measurement, often supported by mountain railways. These transfers give time to enjoy the impressive alpine scenery of the Grisons mountains or to chat with other race participants from all over Europe and overseas and to cultivate the international bike community. “Our goal is to show experienced mountain bikers from all over the world the most beautiful trails of the destination Davos Klosters in best company”, Britta Wild sums up. The trails are varied and attractive – but sometimes also technically demanding, as they are exclusively alpine, natural trails and no men-built flow trails. A certain level of riding on the mountain bike therefore is a must for a lot of fun at MONDRAKER ENDURO TEAM.

To get an idea of what happened at last years event, be sure to check out the highlights video below to see what’s in store:

GO3 Camera by Insta360

Win a GO3 Camera by Insta360 this issue in our FREE subscriber prize draw.

GO3 Camera by Insta360

Mon 8th Feb, 2021 @ 12:30 am

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