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Pair of Faceplant Sunglasses

Motörhead + George Brannigan + Queenstown = Must Watch Video!

After 5 years George Brannigan comes back with another shredit from Queenstown. Before flying to Europe for World Cup racing he came up with an idea to do another banger! Not much to say! You just have to watch it!

Pure shredding, big gaps, fast corners and Motörhead music, can it be any better?

“I have been wanting to do a Queenstown Motörhead shredit 2.0 for over 5 years now since the first one I done. I knew it had to be as good or better than the previous one so I scared the $h!t out fo myself a number of times during filming. There were some big sketchy gaps I had to pioneer but it was totally worth it! I hope you all get frothed watching it too!” – George Brannigan

George has been riding the Propain Rage Prototype Downhill bike for whole offseason now and is more than ready for racing!

I’m feeling really good on the new “Propain Rage Dh, the poor thing took a hiding during filming but I’m more ready than ever coming into the season on that bike. I can’t wait!” – George Brannigan

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Sat 29th May, 2021 @ 12:30 am

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