Timing is everything. Surely you have heard this before as it applies to all aspects of life, but nothing could be more true for the Denver trail riding experience. The key to an uncrowded trail is basically starting as late as physically possible. If you finish at dusk, you are doing it right. The key is to get the climb out of the way while the hikers are descending for the day. Wait patiently at the top with your clear lenses and make sure you drop in when the slightest mechanical will result in a walk out in complete darkness. Timing is key. Riding Falcon in the middle of the day is an exercise in patience. Use these steps for successful mission friends. Maybe bring a light. #followcamfriday pushing the light window and being rewarded with a mostly empty trail and some of the most premium conditions I can recall. This one is definitely up there in my book as far as Front Range descents go. Water bar hucks for days! The speed you can carry on this one when the trail is devoid of people always puts a smile on my face.

Sat 1st May, 2021 @ 3:30 pm

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