The EWS debut in the Swiss town of Cran-Montana has not disappointed! These bike park motorways have riders gritting their teeth with speed as they hurtle into fresh-cut, steep, technical, feature-laden trails that we love to see at an EWS… and it has produced some excellent racing. Here are the highlights from today’s action!

Congratulations to the podium athletes. Melanie Pugin will be able to breath a sigh of relief heading into rounds 8 and 9 as she’s whittled herself a small points lead at the head of the women’s title race s a bit of a safety net. Richie Rude is now back where he likes to be, in the drivers seat at the top of the table. Jack Moir will have to come back strong in order to win the season overall now. As for the top 10, many of them could end their season with a medal!

Richie Rude / Melanie Pugin
Jesse Melamed / Morganne Charre
Martin Maes / Noga Korem

Mon 13th Sep, 2021 @ 3:30 pm

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