The extremely tough Durable Jeans by Riding Culture are way more than just a fashion statement for a casual look on the bike. No matter if it’s on the pumptrack, at the local dirt jumps, in the bikepark or on the commute to work, the ultra-durable jeans by Riding Culture are almost indestructible without compromising on comfort, breathability or weight. The secret is in the special fabric used in their construction.

One of the key reasons for the global popularity of denim, the defining fabric used in jeans, is the material’s durability and toughness. Originally invented for gold miners during the time of the California Gold Rush, the goal was to create a pair of pants that was able to withstand the tough daily grind of the miners and diggers. As good of a material as denim is, tough, it does have its limitations as everyone who has involuntarily dismounted a bicycle at speed can attest to. This is exactly where the Riding Culture Durable Jeans come in.

Nearly indestructible fabric

Next to the characteristic cotton, the special, sustainably produced fabric used in all Riding Culture Durable Jeans features a core made of a mixture of UHMWPE (ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene), Polyarylate and Aramid (also known as Kevlar®). UHMWPE is a material originally developed for applications in aeronautics and space flight and one of the strongest, most abrasion-resistant materials in the world, while Polyarylate is a highly heat-resistant and isolating synthetic fabric. The result is a pair of pants that feels exactly like a pair of jeans, but is virtually indestructible in the event of a crash and even complies with all relevant CE-standards for protective motorcycle clothing. Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the very same fabric is used in the protective motorcycle clothing of Riding Culture parent company, THE ROKKER COMPANY.

Ultra-tough riding pants, casual look

Next to a classic chino and tapered slim-fit jeans, Riding Culture has developed the Huppi Pro Black LT in collaboration with FMB Crankworx Slopestyle World Tour rider Lucas Huppert. The Huppi Pro riding pants feature a casual look, Riding Culture’s ultra-tough fabric and many smart details like a hidden pocket for lift tickets as well as a high level of comfort and stretch to ensure enough space for style no matter how big the whip or how high the jump is going to be.

Sustainably produced streetwear for women and men

Riding Culture’s Durable Jeans are of course available for women as well as men. The distinct denim fabric used in all of Riding Culture’s pants is produced in certified factories in Portugal, Romania and Vietnam. Riding Culture’s line of apparel furthermore includes everything from t-shirts and long-sleeves to caps and streetwear. Lastly, sustainability isn’t just an empty phrase for Riding Culture – all tops are made in Portugal from organic cotton.

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