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Home Story Tomas Slavik – Of Aliens and World Champions

When he was just 5 years old, Tomas sat on a BMX for the first time. His mother was looking for a sport that would allow the hyperactive boy to exhaust his boundless energy, and have fun at the same time. It soon turned out that she made the right choice with BMX: after his first training session Tomás already knew that it was exactly what he wanted to do.

In his favorite movie at the time, E.T., there is a scene where aliens ride BMX and do cool tricks – that impressed Tom. So it was obvious that the young Czech would stay with BMX riding.

The bike from the catalog

Tomas’ biggest motivation for riding BMX came from his mother, Dana. “When I was six years old, we couldn’t afford the best bikes on the market,” Tom says. Dana then promised him that if he did well at the European Championships, he would get a new, better bike. No sooner said than done – from that day on, Tomas scoured catalogs to pick out the best bike and kept training.

Where the (Home) Story Begins

He owes his career, or as he himself says, his whole life, to his mother Dana. She supported Tomás wherever she could, worked to make racing possible for Tom, and paved his way to the top of the world. She spent every weekend on the road with her son racing, and loves to think back to those wonderful times she enjoyed so much, and the many memories the two of them share.

At home on the podium

Today at 34, Tomas is still a kid at heart and still shares his love for biking today just as he did then. Together with his dog Black, Tom trains in his own backyard and in the adjacent forest, and is very successful at that!

He crowned his countless medals in August 2021, two weeks after the end of filming his home story, with the 4X World Champion title.
Right up front?
Mama Dana, of course.

Mon 18th Oct, 2021 @ 9:30 pm

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