Pässilä Bicycles is a small rider owned bike company. The company was founded by a group of five friends and mountain bikers to create something else. We have been riding our bikes with the same group for three decades. Pässilä specializes in titanium hardtail frames and was founded in 2018 in the middle of (nowhere) Finland.

Juntu down country hardtail frame will complement the Pässilä titanium hardtail frame line up. Juntu is a progressive hardtail designed for short travel suspension forks and it is a frame that Pässilä Bicycles has been wanting to develop for quite some time.

Light and durable material combined with Pässilä’s design and fine craftsmanship make this frame stand out. It has a carefully thought out geometry for both the longer distances and the downhills you may encounter. The sliding dropouts give this frame the possibility to adjust the geometry to provide either more agility and playfulness or more traction for the uphills and stability for the downhills. Pässilä Juntu is all about covering the distance and having fun.

Frame Details:

• Progressive geometry.
• Grade 9 titanium alloy frame.
• Sliding dropouts.
• Designed for 120 and 130 mm suspension forks.
• Available in two sizes.
• Available for pre-order.
• Frame weight 2.0 kg in size S2
• Price excl. VAT 1612.10 € (1999.00 € incl. Finnish VAT 24 %)

For more information head over to passilabicycles.com.

Thu 11th Nov, 2021 @ 12:30 am

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