The lightweight e-MTB concept introduced by the BH iLynx Race last year has been expanded with the arrival of the iLynx Trail model. An efficient 150 mm suspension travel with Split Pivot system, geometry inherited from a true trail bike, 540 Wh battery with high autonomy and the adoption of the new 2EXMAG motor.

The BH iLynx Race paved the way for the lightweight e-MTB models in the BH range. Its cornerstones are now applied to a new category of e-bike in the form of the BH iLynx Trail. A model whereby lightness is combined with geometry and suspension to offer unique sensations in the e-MTB world.

New 2EXMAG motor

BH Bikes has continued to develop its own motor to bring the next generation of lightweight e-bikes to life. The new BH iLynx Trail uses the new lighter 2EXMAG motor, with a telemetry torque sensor for progressive assistance of up to 300%.

The 2EXMAG motor is even lighter, only 2.1 kg, and maintains all the features of its previous version: 250 W power and 65 Nm maximum torque. However, it is its dimensions and dynamic properties that make the new e-MTB unique. Thanks to its compact size, a very low Q-Factor is achieved, offering a natural pedalling position. In addition, when the motor does not assist you can pedal without any additional friction, as if it were a conventional bike. This makes it possible to ride at over 25 km/h with the same effort as with a non-motorised MTB.

The assistance provided by the 2EXMAG motor is very natural thanks to its new torque sensor and the integrated speed sensor. The precise information collected by both and the new evolved software allow the motor to deliver its power in the smoothest and most progressive way possible. And it can assist at high cadence, up to 110 rpm.

Equipped with a 540 Wh battery, capable of achieving a range of 130 km, the additional Xpro battery can also be added, which is easily installed through the Plug & Ride system to reach up to 720 Wh and a range of 175 km.
Minimalism and convenience with the new iRemote

The BH iLynx Trail dispenses with the display to make way for the new minimalist, ergonomic and convenient iRemote. It has 3 vibrating buttons to switch between the assistance, turn on and turn off motor modes. It is also equipped with an LED lighting system that visually shows the battery level and mode while riding.

The iRemote is compatible with Garmin devices, allowing you to view a range of extra system data, such as the battery, speed, cadence, range, etc. Also, thanks to the BH iConnect app, it is possible to modify the number of modes, as well as the percentage of assistance and acceleration of each one.

A true MTB

The similarity between the iLynx Trail and a conventional MTB from the BH range goes beyond aesthetics. The frame is entirely made of carbon, using Ballistic carbon fibre, which is especially resistant to impacts, weighing just 1,975 grams. A key element so that complete mounts weigh just 16 kg. It uses the Sram UDH derailleur hanger, it has an integrated saddle clamp, fully internal wiring from the head tube and the BlockLock by Acros steering lock. One of the highlights is the move to the Super Boost axle, which allows for stronger wheels and provides solid support for tyres of up to 2.6”. It is also able to use its integrated tool system in the steering tube, the FIT.

Its geometry is designed to achieve conventional Trail bike riding sensations. Compact chainstays of just 451 mm have been achieved and a 66º steering angle has been chosen in combination with a 453 mm reach (in size M). True MTB figures.

The BH iLynx Trail range has 4 different mounts that offer 5 standard colour options and the possibility of fully customising its aesthetics through the BH Unique program. They are available in sizes from SM to XL, and with prices starting at €6,499.

Wed 1st Dec, 2021 @ 12:30 pm

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