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The idea of a transparent handle had its origins in the custom motorcycle sector at Hookie Co. Nico Müller, the creative head and co-founder of Hookie Co. developed a highly transparent motorcycle handle called „Frozen“ at the end of 2020. Even then, the idea here was to let a sticker shine through. The individualization at Hookie is one of the main focus, so the grips are already available in different label designs.
At Hookie, the production of the Frozen Grip is 100% handmade.

Completely convinced by the look and the idea, we immediately developed and modified the grip for a new area. Because the second, great passion, should not stand behind – A bike MTB handle was developed. Because we have always been privately on the bikes professionally on the road and know here all the parameters that are important in this sport. The founding team of Freeze Components has also met through this sport and are longtime family friends.

Frozen* Components combines authentic know-how, a creative mind and a taste for the market.

Design, branding, business are no strangers to all involved and therefore also an integral part of the entire portfolio. The foundation of a joint company, and new label was the logical conclusion.

100% recyclable Thermolast plastic

The Frozen* Cool Grip consists of a 100% recyclable Thermolast plastic with a hardness of 40 Shore and is at the same time highly transparent and sweat-resistant. In addi- tion to the stable welding resistance and non-stickiness, the high transparency was
of course one of the challenges to be met. Thanks to an EU-manufactured and reach- certified Thermolast plastic, this effect lasts longer than ever before and does not allow the Frozen* Cool Grip to yellow. Mounting with isopropanol is also no problem and is even recommended.

Features of the Frozen* Cool Grip:

– Polygon Body Shape
– Grip Rips
– 2 Zone Thumb Aera
– 13cm long / 3,1 cm wide
– Water Barrier
– High transparent
– Design Modification – Hard resistant

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