ION Products bring out a great video series going on these days, giving some rider profiles of people. This episode is about professional mountainbiker Louis Reboul talks about his challenges of city life vs mountain biking. Living a city life in France, Louis does not feel complete without freestyle bike riding. Therefore, he chooses to leave the city life all behind – check it out with us!

See professional ION mtb athlete and mountain bike rider Louis Reboul rip away from the standard 9-5 grind in this WYOC episode. As a passionate and progressive freestyle mtb rider he brings forward his vision and style for a different path than the hectic city life in France.

We are excited to have Louis take you on a 3min journey of his escape from the ordinary and share his true stoke – riding his mountain bike on freestyle and dirt jump tracks and into the wild mountains of France.

Wed 23rd Feb, 2022 @ 12:30 pm

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