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GO3 Camera by Insta360

What an absolute blast 2021 turned out to be! The launch of the Swiss Enduro Series (SES) was a huge success and with it the Spirit of Enduro swept across Switzerland.

What the heck is the Spirit of Enduro you may be wondering. Well, it’s this phenomenon born from the coming together of like-minded people who all enjoy the challenge, adventure and ultimate camaraderie that comes with Enduro mountain biking. This spirit is growing in Switzerland and the Swiss Enduro Series strives to support it. When racing between the tape it’s all about speed and fast lines but otherwise it’s just one big party and the drink of choice is brap brap on tap.

The very first SES race took place in the Bike Mecca of Switzerland, Bike Kingdom Lenzerheide. This world-renowned beast promised a variety of high alpine rocky rowdiness as well as some fresh forest loam, safe to say it did not disappoint. Stoke levels high, next stop Trailworks Lötschental for the first ever Official Swiss Enduro Championships. Crowning the Swiss Enduro King and Queen in this new
destination, on some of the steepest most technical trails in the Swiss Alps, was a major highlight. Switzerland never ceases to baffle with its timeless classics and fresh finds, something the Swiss Enduro Series endeavors to discover and showcase. Speaking of showcase, check out this video and hear what the riders had to say.

Wed 9th Feb, 2022 @ 3:30 am

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