BMC is proud to introduce a new way of racing with the No Borders Gravel Team. This latest development in the exciting world of gravel racing sees BMC team up with Velocio and SRAM as equal partners of an independent international initiative.

“We are pleased to be at the starting line of an exciting new community in the field of gravel racing that sees five riders with five different nationalities being united by one singular purpose – to show that gravel provides endless possibilities to race each other” David Heine, Head of Marketing at BMC.

More Than a Racing Team

The No Borders Gravel Team is a multinational force that offers an unrivalled connection to the nature of performance racing, to test athletic boundaries and deliver adventure across different surfaces. “A cycling team can be so much more than we know from the Pro Tour teams and local club scene,” adds Géraldine Bergeron, MTB & Road Partnership Marketing Manager at SRAM.

The team will manage itself and distribute different roles within the five riders, of course with the full support of BMC, Velocio and SRAM. Communicating this team spirit, the love for gravel, the inclusiveness of the sport and the excitement of what happens next will be the Team’s goal and driving force. David Heine agrees: “The team aims to connect, inspire and welcome all riders to join the next gravel ride – to show that there is a way with no borders.”

Unrestricted Racing

The original members Lisa Wörner, Henning Bommel, Sally McHugh, Daniel Rydtz and Mayalen Noriega are lined up for exciting races in 2022 and proud to race a bike that delivers fast and compliant rides throughout. With BMC URS 01, the team’s machine of choice isn’t defined by one surface type. The addictively versatile tool is limited only by ambition and ready to break all borders.

The complete No Borders Gravel Team is slated to join forces at this year’s Traka Gravel Race in Spaina and the Nordic Gravel Series in Sweden – with many more races being tackled by the individual riders during the racing season. Line Gulliksen, Head of Scandinavia for Velocio, is excited to see the riders race under the same banner: “We want to highlight the gravel spirit with inclusive attitudes and diversity by uniting the team through uniform color palette open for everyone to match if they like the look, as well as make them stand out on the gravel roads.”

No Borders Gravel Team Instagram: @no_borders_gravel

Meet the No Borders Gravel Team Members

Lisa Wörner

Originally from Amsterdam and with German roots, she had a first career as a rower in the Dutch National and Olympic team, before moving to the US to pursue her degree as Orthopedic surgeon and racing for the all-female team Velocio Exploro. Following a 7th place at Unbound in 2021, she returned to Amsterdam. She is the driving force behind the No Borders Gravel Team. @lisaworner

Henning Bommel

Starting to race when he was 11 years old, Henning went from road racing on WorldTour level to World Championship medals on the track, to participate in the Rio Olympics. After having travelled hundreds of countries, he discovered that Gravel combines everything he loves about riding. He is based in the heart of Berlin, Germany where he runs his own cycling coffee shop. @velodelight

Sally McHugh

A rookie in the cycling racing scene, Sally made seasoned riders reconsider their career this past season. Originally from Ireland, she moved to Girona in 2020 to mix up the racing scene: 2nd at the Traka and 1st female racer (5th overall) at the 700km ultra road race Madrid-Barcelona. There will be more. @sallymchugh

Daniel Rytz

Riding bikes for as long as he can remember, Daniel is a cycling fanatic from Sweden. Things got more serious in the early 2000s as he started competing in XC marathons, but he soon turned his attention to the road and ultimately discovering Gravel. When he doesn’t ride, he records Sweden’s biggest cycling podcast next to his day job at one of the biggest banks in the North. @drytz

Mayalen Noriega

Born in Mexico, the former swimmer for the national team turned triathlete and holds the Olympic silver medal as a paratriathlon athlete. Mayalen currently resides in Girona, working with Komoot, exploring the world of Gravel both professionally and personally. @maiafish 

Mon 14th Mar, 2022 @ 9:30 pm

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