Latest EWS Travel adventure heads to the iconic peaks of Val di Fassa, in the Dolomites

The Enduro World Series (EWS) is delighted to add Val Di Fassa in Italy to its growing EWS Travel portfolio.

Bringing riders to some of our most iconic race destinations, EWS Travel is a mountain biking adventure unlike any that have gone before it. Immersing our riders in some of the most vibrant MTB communities on the planet, they experience not only the very best trails, but also the passionate people behind them who have helped shape these destinations.

Val Di Fassa first appeared on the EWS race calendar in 2019 and was immediately deemed a classic by riders and fans alike. Nestled in the heart of the Dolomites, Val Di Fassa offers up some of the most breathtaking views imaginable, with the landscape resembling a meeting of alpine meadows and Torres del Paine peaks. The soaring mountain range is interspersed with singletrack that drops from the mountain steeps into the lush valleys below.

Your host on this eight day adventure is not only a professional MTB guide, but also a local trail builder who is responsible for building some of the region’s best loved trails. Trip highlights include riding the most exciting sections of the EWS Val di Fassa race trails, and a two day Sella Ronda experience that sees you take on 110km of trails with 7000m of descent that typifies the epic riding in the region.

Riders will get the chance to spend the night in a remote mountain refuge, join trail builders on a section of EWS trail and hit some secret singletrack, known only to a handful of locals. And when the legs get tired after all that pedalling, riders can enjoy a post ride soak in the snowmelt, followed by a refreshing beer in the town square. Whilst these riders won’t be getting between the tapes, they’ll still feel fully immersed in the EWS experience, thanks to the dedication of the local MTB community in Canazei, and take away a goodie bag full of EWS swag to remind them of their EWS Travel adventure.

Another key part of the trip is exceptional local cuisine. We are in Italy, after all, and riders certainly won’t go hungry, enjoying a wide variety of dishes typical of this mountain region, which has a strong Austrian influence.

Val di Fassa is the third adventure in the EWS Travel line up, along with Scotland and Finale Ligure in Italy. Each destination has been carefully chosen by the EWS Travel team for the high quality, all-round experience on offer to mountain bike and race enthusiasts.

EWS Travel is a joint venture between the Enduro World Series and H+I Adventures, the world’s leading mountain bike tour provider. Both companies share a passion for not only discovering the best riding on earth, but also for connecting with the most dedicated and active MTB communities. EWS Travel offers an immersive experience that puts riders at the heart of the local scene; meeting the trail builders, bike shops and local riding heroes that help to shape each of these unique destinations.

More information on the trip dates and pricing here: 

Fri 8th Jul, 2022 @ 9:30 am

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