Be it at the trailhead, pits or across the internet forums, the “coil Vs air” debate has divided some riders. There are pros and cons for each, and the honest answer is there is no definitive answer, just a matter of opinion for what suits a riding style. Thankfully, the progressive kinematics of the Nukeproof Mega and Giga frames allow them to excel with either air or coil, so the choice really is that of the riders.

In 2022 Nukeproof launched the Giga RS and MegaWatt RS utilising Rockshox’s Super Deluxe Coil. With a noticeable demand from customers, Nukeproof wanted to offer another coil option to the range. But which one? With so many specialists making high performance products and Nukeproof’s desire to only settle for the best it was a tough call. After months of testing and working with several manufacturers the choice was simple, why offer one when you can offer three?

Nukeproof are proud to offer the Mega and Giga with the choice of rear shocks from specialist tuning houses PUSH, FAST and EXT.

The Nukeproof Reactor trail bike didn’t miss out on this limited-edition offering either. The Reactor’s kinematics really suit the air shock and with Rockshox also launching the latest generation of Super Deluxe shock, it’s a perfect time to offer something new here too.

All frames are Ltd Editions and available through our global retail network. It only leaves the question; how will you build yours?

Sat 30th Jul, 2022 @ 12:30 am

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