Follow the Mountain Bike Team along for an extra muddy race at Silver Mountain, Idaho in Episode 3.

Silver Mountain Bike Park, in Kellogg, Idaho, holds one of the most sought after races in North America every summer. From fresh cut trail, to insane off-camber corridors, the race is a crowd favorite. This year John Richardson, Devon Bumstead, Janina MacArthur, Parley Ford, Kelend Hawks and Myles Trainer jumped in the Transition van and headed east for the race. With a wet spring, and early summer, the NAEC was a wild one this year. Luckily Schwalbe Tires was there with some spare Dirty Dan mud spikes, which would be the perfect tool for the weekend.

Check out our recap of what The Mountain Bike Team was up to while clocking in for the North American Enduro Cup.

Tue 19th Jul, 2022 @ 6:30 pm

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