More brands switching their production back to Europe so it seems as Look just launched two new flat pedals that will be produced in France!

They created a performance-focused forged aluminium TRAIL ROC+ pedal designed and tested
in collaboration with elite freeride slopestyle MTB rider Thomas Genon and the composite TRAIL FUSION.

The Trail Fusion should be available worldwide August 2nd, while the TRAIL ROC+ available worldwide December 2022

These new flat pedals build on the success of LOOK’s popular TRAIL ROC pedals launched in 2020. The new models were designed and tested over a two-year period of collaboration with professional freeride and slopestyle MTB rider, Thomas Genon.

The TRAIL range of flat pedals has been formulated to exceed LOOK’s stringent test standards and exceed every rider’s reliability, strength and quality needs, whether professional or just starting their off-road journey. TRAIL FUSION offers durability and an attainable price point thanks to its composite material construction and multiple colour choices. The premium TRAIL ROC+ is designed to meet the performance-focused athlete’s requirements via a forged aluminium pedal body with fully serviceable axle and bearings.

Both new TRAIL pedals feature replaceable pins, enabling riders to service and customise their pedals to test their abilities with complete peace of mind. Thanks to careful testing and multiple iterations of the pin positions, riders can be assured grip and control in every position.

Both pedals are available in a variety of colours for customizable style, and have been designed, manufactured, and assembled in France.

LOOK’s TRAIL FUSION pedals are the ideal choice for MTB trail-blazers of all abilities who prefer a flat, economical, but functional pedal. The platform is 25% wider than typical OEM flat pedals, offering riders a high level of stability and un-compromised control across all types of trail.

Produced from composite materials, TRAIL FUSION is lightweight and features eight adjustable and easily replaceable pins either side for maximum comfort and grip.

LOOK’s TRAIL ROC+ pedals have been designed for thrill-seekers and riders who take their riding to the limit, with high-performance and reliability at the core of the pedal’s design and construction.

The asymmetrical shape and wide platform offer riders maximum control on the most challenging of descents. The concave form and 16mm profile of the pedals maximise security of the foothold, increasing stability, while ten adjustable pins enable riders to fine-tune their foot position to suit their preferred riding style, all while maintaining maximum grip on the most technical of trails.

Developed in close collaboration with elite freeride and slopestyle MTB rider Thomas Genon, winner of Hall of Dirt and five-time Red Bull rampage invitee, these forged aluminium pedals have endured multiple field tests over two years. Testing culminated in the final iteration being ridden by Genon at 2021 Red Bull Rampage.

Thomas Genon, Elite Freeride and Slopestyle MTB Rider, said: “I spent more than 6 months testing different prototypes of the TRAIL ROC+ with the LOOK R&D team. I shared my feelings, meticulously defining my needs. I tested different prototypes and worked with engineers to find the best pin position and length to achieve the best grip and most stable design. During slopestyle contests or in the fast sections of bike parks, I feel confident. I am very proud to have participated in the development of the TRAIL ROC+ and a whole new chapter in mountain biking with LOOK.”

Alexandre Lavaud, Category Manager at LOOK, said: “Launching new products is always exciting, and the new TRAIL ROC+ and FUSION pedals are no exception. This project has been a fascinating challenge for the entire LOOK team, and we hope to join trail riders on their journey. With the launch of the TRAIL ROC+ and FUSION, LOOK’s pedal range now covers nearly every riding category for cyclists, confirming the French brand as a leader in the pedal category. Our France-based production team has developed the best pedals using premium materials and components sourced in France, with unrivalled manufacturing skills. Thanks to our 35 years of experience in pedal production, our TRAIL pedal range will soon become a best-in-class in the market, and will be so for years to come.”

Body: Forged aluminium
Footprint: 107 x 107 mm
Weight: 195 g
Pins: 10 per side
Profile: 16 mm
Colour choices: Black, silver, orange
Availability: Purchase online and via LOOK dealers worldwide from December 2022
MSRP: €159.90 / USD$170 / GBP£149

Body: Composite
Footprint: 107 x 105 mm
Weight: 161g
Pins: 8 / side
Profile: 18 mm
Colour choices: Lime green, ice blue, red, purple or black
Availability: Purchase online and via LOOK dealers worldwide from 2nd August 2022
MSRP: €49.90 / USD$55 / GBP£44.90

Thu 4th Aug, 2022 @ 9:30 am

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