Hassle'Off Multi Tool

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Hassle'Off Multi Tool

We travel miles to find the right spot, once arrived it can take hours of hard work in cold and wet weather, hiking up and down the trails. Shoveling and picking dirt. Riding the same corner, the same kicker over and over again. Reshaping it until it just feels right and you find the perfect angle. We take in bails, falls, bruises and even injuries sometimes

But that feeling of flying down the trail, firing up those turns, and collecting that airtime we all know we have deserved so badly everything else becomes unimportant and we are only in that moment. We do it for the love of the game!

For those who shape, dig and make the dream trails come alive!

Filmed by Simon Hillis and Mike Hopkins

Thu 15th Sep, 2022 @ 6:30 pm

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