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Jake100 is known for thinking outside the box, finding new ways to do wheelies, and enhancing the bike community. Jake’s latest project brings us closer to his way of thinking as he showcases his creativity and pushes the limits in terrain we are not used to seeing him in. Ditching the tall buildings and crowded streets, he rode his bike on the rear wheel over the 100 kph mark. Watch Jake100 goes 100 kph.

Inspired by videos of alpine descents and longboarders speeding down the mountain roads, Jake decided to give it a try. In true Jake fashion, he wanted to do it the way he knew best, with a manual.

“I’ve been planning this project for years, due to my favorite thing on the bike is going fast. Speed is something, I would say, I am genuinely addicted to. As the years have gone on and I’ve got better and better on my bike I’ve ended up going faster and faster, to the point that I’ve traveled the world trying to find steeper hills and faster roads where I push myself on.“ – Jake100

With the concept already in mind, Jake decided to give it a try in the US. He reached 75 kph but still felt that he could go faster. With the perfect location and the right crew, he knew he could accomplish the 100 kph goal.

After thorough research, using the best tools available: the knowledge of downhill skaters and Google Maps. Jake found the perfect road for the project, an almost straight downhill road between the Tyrolean mountains, near the city of Innsbruck, Austria.

For the crew, Jake relied on his friend Teo Andreoli as director and camera operator, as well as Karl Martin as a drone pilot. For the close-up images, Jake had Mirko and Thies, 2 professional downhill skateboarders based in Innsbruck, who would descend with him.

With a perfect weather window, the project was underway. Jake took a warm-up day to test his bike and himself. Everything was perfect and in place. The next day after 7 attempts, Jake brought his rear wheel to 101.3 kph.

“This year was the year that I said to myself: I am doing 100 Kph in a manual. From there we started working out the plan and we ended up going to Austria, after talking with Josh Neuman, Rest in Peace Josh, one of the best longboarders in the world. He told me that this road is the best to try to achieve this challenge. So, we drove all the way from London to Austria to make this dream real.

I felt great, to be honest, it was a surreal moment! Every time I do something crazy it takes me a minute to sink in what I’ve just done. We were worried because we had to be quick. I got down the hill, I celebrated quickly with everyone, and we needed to get out of there. I have achieved something that I always wanted to achieve, a dream of mine. Now, this makes me want to go even faster, let’s see what happens next year.“ – Jake100

The bike that helped Jake achieve his dreams was the C100 model from Collective Bikes a bike made for him. With a 19” aluminum frame with a reinforced rear end, this bike is specifically designed for wheelies but is capable of all the aspects of MTB.

Thu 15th Dec, 2022 @ 9:30 am

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