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GO3 Camera by Insta360

“Over two years in the making, this edit showcases the development of our homespot the Bembelbahn and my riding. During this time, and although having a lot less time for biking, I found myself learning tricks, that I wouldn’t have ever expect myself to do. Both in Park and Dirt. Instead of just sending, I tried to prepare and be in the right space with body and mind. Thereby feeding off the techniques that I provide to my athletes as an active sport-psychologist mainly in Soccer but also biking. I steadily noticed an increase of trust into my abilities, that finally made me think about new tricks. As a rider that comes from Dirt Jumping, extension tricks and mainly No-Foot-Tricks, squeezing 3 Barspins into a rotation or working on double rotations was and (as you can see) still is a real challenge for me.

I’m grateful for the work my team and me put in the Bembelbahn, the few trips we made and the sessions we had. Thanks for everyone watching the clip and reading into this, means a lot!”

– Yannick Romswinckel

Tue 27th Dec, 2022 @ 6:30 pm

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