First Degree is beyond stoked to welcome the legendary Rob Warner to the team!

“ After trying First Degree shoes I was instantly impressed. They look awesome, really important to me second only to how they ‘ride’.The build quality is fantastic but the first thing that stuck me was how light they are, yet stiff soled enough to feel really solid on the pedal. For me the best bit is how the sole grips the pedal. It’s faultless, and by that I mean despite 100% pedal grip they still have the all important ‘pedal float’. Some soles really get stuck on the pedal and once placed it’s hard to reposition. Not with First Degree though, the freedom to move on the pedal is there and so is the grip. I felt right at home first time out on them, definitely the best flat pedal shoe I ever used, I love everything about them.” – Rob Warner

Wed 29th Mar, 2023 @ 12:30 pm

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