Bikeflip has already changed the game when it comes to buying and selling bikes and components – now the specialist online bicycle marketplace just got even easier and safer with the launch of its new app.

Austrian trials bike star Fabio Wibmer’s digital content is never to be missed and his latest innovative offering is no different. Renowned for releasing inspiring YouTube videos to his 7.5 million subscribers, Wibmer’s next revolutionary contribution to the biking community comes in the form of his new app, Bikeflip.

Bikeflip is an online bicycle trading platform that has already found new homes for thousands of bikes. With the launch of the new Bikeflip app, millions of people are about to discover just how easy and safe it is to buy and sell their bikes in Italy, Austria and Germany. Born in Innsbruck, Austria in September 2021 Bikeflip is the all-encompassing state of the art marketplace for trading both second hand and new bikes.

The idea came to life during a night out between professional mountain and trials bike stars Wibmer and Andrea Maranelli and their business partner Nikolai Holder. Why was selling and buying bikes so complicated? The trio realised that unlike in the automotive market, there was no dedicated portal in Europe for trading bikes in a simple and friendly way.

Bikeflip was soon created based on the principles of a circular economy where reusing is a priority and now 18-months after market launch nearly 10,000 bicycles are currently available. But the trio aren’t stopping there and are adding further gears to the operation with the launch of a new unique app and planned expansion into other European markets.

Here is all you need to know:

– Bikeflip is currently active in Italy, Austria and Germany and available in Italian, German and English languages. The aim is to soon expand into the French-speaking market.
– Up until now, Bikeflip has been solely website based but the new app will provide an even easier experience.
– The fundamental characteristic of Bikeflip is user-friendliness and enabling a simple user journey, whether you want to buy or sell.
– Bikeflip’s huge database and specialized smart filters ensures a seamless process for users inserting the necessary information for their advert.
– The search parameters also allow for the input of specific information around the spec of the bike, price, and every single part and component, helping you find the exact item you’re looking for.
– Both private individuals and bike shops can take advantage of the platform.
– Visit for more information and check out their social channels on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

Fabio Wibmer: “Establishing a functional second-hand bicycle market is important for every biker and for the overall bike community. We’re so happy to take a step further in that direction by releasing the Bikeflip app.”

Andrea Maranelli: “The first year has been amazing! We’re happy to see that Bikeflip has become a go-to tool for the trade of second-hand bikes. Filling this gap between buyers and sellers by creating a platform which connects them in an easy and modern way was missing in the bike industry.

“The Bikeflip community keeps growing and we’re constantly working to improve our services. Our goal is to continue making the process of buying and selling second-hand bikes even more accessible and safer.”

Nikolai Holder: “With our strong network of partners and athletes, we want to make Bikeflip the central platform for selling and buying every kind of bike and component. Bikeflip will replace unspecific market places by making bike trading as simple as possible. The way it should be.

“The native app will also bring more sophisticated safety features that will help users trade seamlessly and securely.”

Thu 4th May, 2023 @ 9:30 am

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