We’ve got some BIG news for those of you that are based in Europe or the USA: Staling Cycles just set up with two new importers – one for mainland Europe/the EU and the other for the USA.

Up to now the Brittish company shipped direct from the UK. This can mean annoying import fees and hold-ups at customs. All totally unavoidable, but understandably annoying for you all.

Now, thanks to Trail Labs and BikeTheWorld, there are Starling Cycles frames in mainland Europe and the USA, ready to go.

Frames will ship direct from the USA or Switzerland to customers in those regions, meaning no hassle with import taxes and no waiting for the customs people.

You’ll also receive your frame from stock, meaning you’re not waiting for it to be built to order – so you’ll get it even quicker than if you ordered direct from Starling HQ.

And – even more BIG news – both of Starling new importers can provide complete bikes, with various specs and price points available.


Trail Labs is a black-belt-level suspension tuning and servicing centre, based out of Springfield Missouri USA and Starling Cycles USA importer.

Trail Labs is holding stock of Starling Cycles Core frames and can supply anything from frame-only, to full builds to custom projects.

They’re also offering custom-painted frames, with an almost endless supply of paint options and – of course – handling warranty, technical, spares and anything else you might need.

And, because they’re also suspension experts, Trail Labs can work with you to get that suspension setup absolutely dialled with a whole load of shock options.

If you’re looking to buy a Starling Cycles frame in the USA, you can contact Trail Labs here.


BikeTheWorld is a rider-owned company that’s based in Zurich, Switzerland and is the Starling Cycles importer for the EU/mainland Europe.

BikeTheWorld can supply frame-only, full build and custom builds. They’re going to handle mainland European sales, warranty, tech and spares and be your one-stop-shop for Starling Cycles over there.

The big benefit of BikeTheWorld is that they hold stock within mainland Europe – meaning none of those annoying import fees for EU customers that you’d face when shipping from the UK and no hassles with customs holdups.

If you’re looking for a complete build, BikeTheWorld have specced up some INCREDIBLE builds using Cane Creek, Shimano, Onza, Chromag, BikeYoke and Industry Nine. They’ve got two price points per model and both look SO GOOD.

You can contact BikeTheWorld here.

So.. How Does It Work? – It works however you want it to.

USA and EU customers can contact BikeTheWorld and Trail Labs direct and deal 100% with them. They’re experts, they know our bikes, they can answer pretty much everything you need to know.

Or, if you’d prefer, you can contact Starlings HQ to discuss your dream build.

They can provide all the usual advice that they would to a direct-sales customer, then refer you over to their importers when it’s time to make a sale.

Starling knows you lot like to speak to them when speccing your bikes, so the brand 100% happy to keep that open to all customers.

And, if you’re receiving this news as a customer outside of the USA or Europe – stay tuned. Starling is working on similar setups in your areas too…

Fri 23rd Jun, 2023 @ 9:30 pm

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