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Swatch Nines MTB 2023 has officially kicked off at the brand-new location of Green Hill Bikepark in Schmallenberg, Germany! Additionally, the public will be able to witness the gathering of the world’s best mountain bikers on the 18th and 19th of August during the Swatch Nines public days in cooperation with the BYND The Hill Festival.

The Swatch Nines multi-functional set-up consists of interwoven freeride and slopestyle lines; the design of this course blends technical expertise and innovation. This one-of-a-kind playground is where seasoned legends and up-and-coming talents can come together to conquer gravity-defying challenges and push the boundaries of mountain biking. Let’s dive into the course and explore the highlights in more detail:


Kicking things off with a bang, the Drop Tower leads into the Rose Scrub Feature. This feature presents riders with multiple opportunities – not only jumping from one side, the feature can additionally be scrubbed from the opposite side, inviting riders to get playful in the art of scrubbing.


A colossal elevated 40-meter-long skatepark woven into the MTB Slopestyle course, multiple spine options allow the riders to loop endlessly. The second spine leads into a step-down next to the Swatch Nines Skatebowl, where mountain bikers can ride alongside a hand-picked crew of skateboarders—showcasing multiple disciplines seamlessly converging.


The course culminates in one final Big Air. This remarkable feature boasts three distinct takeoffs – one for slopestyle, one for freeride and an additional progression-focused kicker equipped with the Masters of Dirt airbag, aptly named ‘The Fun Jump’.


Don’t miss out on the chance to experience the Swatch Nines action in person. The collaboration between Swatch Nines and Green Hill Bikepark includes the three-day BYND The Hill MTB festival, which will be held from the 18th to the 20th of August. Swatch Nines and the BYND The Hill Festival, will intertwine during the Swatch Nines Public Days on August 18th and August 19th, giving festival-goers the chance to witness the Nines athletes live in action. A BYND The Hill festival ticket is all that’s needed to watch the Swatch Nines in person: https://bynd-festival.de

What riders & organizers have to say:

“It’s amazing to see the process and final results of a year of planning and three weeks of building come to fruition. We’re hyped to see what the Swatch Nines riders think of the new location, and the fact that we can now bring it to the public for riders to go wild on long after the event is very special.” Felix Saller (GER), CEO of Green Hill Bikepark

“Nines holds significance to both of us; it’s where we’ve achieved and evolved a lot as athletes. We feel well prepared and ready to bring the heat to the new Green Hill bike park venue. The new setup looks insane, and we can’t wait to hit it with a ton of classic Ruso Bros action and trains. Specifically, the big air section is made for us to unleash some bangers on it. This week will be our playground of innovation and creativity which is an awesome feeling.” Elias and Daniel Ruso (AUT), invited riders

“To come back to Swatch Nines in Germany after winning Become A Nine in 2021 and now be able to show how much I’ve progressed in my home country since my first Nines, in front of a home crowd with family and friends watching, means the world.“ Patricia Druwen (GER), invited rider

For more info about Swatch Nines, please visit https://www.thenines.cc/ and make sure to keep track of all the action as it happens on:

Wed 16th Aug, 2023 @ 12:30 pm

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