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GO3 Camera by Insta360

“Yo, what if we shot a bike edit at the Calgary Stampede?”

Those were the words that started it all and led to the filming of one very weird, very rad mountain bike video. The Stampede is often touted as the “Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth.” Dylan Siggers, Liam Baylis, Stephane Pelletier, Paul Harrop, and Zac Mouseau went east to the beautiful foothills of the Rocky Mountains to find out for themselves if the hype is real. Not their first time at the Stampede, but definitely the first time they went with mountain biking on the docket. From the downtown stampede grounds, to the Kananaskis mountain range, the crew dabbled in all that was on offer in the region to put together a rowdy riding trip.

Turns out the hype is real and the spirit of the rodeo is alive and well. While there aren’t as many real cowfolk riding in and out of Calgary as there once was, there’s no shortage of people turning up in their hats and boots to live the cow life and make believe it’s the real thing for a few weeks. Wether it’s in a ten gallon hat or a full face, we all like to envision ourselves as the raddest baddest mofo in the west when we swing a leg over our steed.

Get along lil’ doggy!

Video: Dylan Siggers
Song: Misery Loves Company
Special Thanks: Winsport Bike Park, Bill Moffatt

Mon 4th Sep, 2023 @ 9:30 pm

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