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The Repeater Powertrain takes your eMTB experience to a whole new level.

Transition evolved the existing Repeater geometry and travel to create a bike that gives you more confidence and control while utilizing a system that works naturally as an extension of the rider. With Powertrain, the motor, drivetrain and controls all work together, which not only unified the complicated systems at play on an eMTB, but also unlocked new features that riders can utilize and customize to their preferences.


This system harmoniously integrates the most complicated moving parts on an eMTB to create a simple, worry-free, and exhilarating ride. With 170mm travel front and rear, easily tuneable motor and shifting modes, and wheel size options, the Repeater PT is a groundbreaking eMTB designed to fulfill all of your powered riding dreams. Utilizing the 90nm Eagle Powertrain Motor, SRAM 720wh battery, SRAM T-Type AXS Transmission, and the SRAM Powertrain brain, the Repeater PT marks a giant leap in the integration of motor and drivetrain, allowing you to give your full attention to enjoying the ride while the bike handles the rest.


Right out of the box you’ll notice how clean the frame and cockpit are. With only brake cables to manage, just two AXS pod controllers, and a small top tube screen, the Repeater brings a refreshingly simplified approach to your eMTB. The familiar controls of AXS pods allow you to access every feature easily and ergonomically. With the majority of the components working wirelessly, this translates into a much more tidy and quieter frame. Coupled with the SRAM Powertrain motor that remains quiet in even the roughest terrain, your focus can remain on the trail and the experience you set out for.


The Eagle Powertrain Brain behind the whole system unlocks many new features to create a bike that simply allows you to ride to the best of your ability with maximum enjoyment. Features such as auto shift and coast shift become just another tool in your toolbox available to you when you see most fit. While we still prefer a manual experience most of the time, these modes have us ascending smoother and faster and descending safer and with more confidence. Whether you are trying to clean a techy climb or get a pedal stroke out of a turn, knowing you’re in the right gear gives you confidence in each pedal stroke. It’s less about having a fully automatic system, and more about the system assisting you when you need it most.

GO3 Camera by Insta360

Win a GO3 Camera by Insta360 this issue in our FREE subscriber prize draw.

GO3 Camera by Insta360


As riders themselves, the Transition crew understand that the ride experience is only a portion of the buying decision process, and that warranty, customer service and support down the road are extremely important. The frame is covered for life, while the rest is all covered by SRAM, another customer service leader in our industry. No matter where you are, they got your back.

Tue 10th Oct, 2023 @ 6:30 pm

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